About Us

The designer and creator of Spoilt UK Limited, Shaheen Malik has a passion for creativity, and has used her unique 30 year insight in design and originality to present the bespoke products we see today. Travelling internationally provided Shaheen with a unique insight, from the souks of the Middle East to the global high end business retailers which provided inspiration to add to her own personal experience from the Middle East, as for example the unique style of the ladies or Kuwait, where fashion and style make a strong statement. “AMORE” Love comes to mind.

And a must in every women’s life enhancing beauty and glamour within itself.

Shaheen, decided to design her own unique women's brand, with a twist of an east meets west style. Launching the brand in the Middle East, was to become the start of a great adventure.

Whilst searching for unique clothing lines and quality jewellery for the wedding of her daughter, and having been disappointed with the ranges on offer, Shaheen felt inspired to explore the potential of her own bespoke range, and the beginnings of Spoilt UK were to take shape.

Shaheen, had the great opportunity to venture across the world of gemstone’s and craftsmanship, just dazzling the eyes and romancing her heart.

She set out to create her daughter's vision, learning about African rubies which are associated with passion, desire and romance.

Falling madly in love with diamonds, a women’s best friend to African rubies’ and emeralds was an overwhelming feeling.

Having a closer look at African rubies and their glowing intensity, an inextinguishable flame burning in the stone, radiating out to ignite everlasting love. 

Thus started a journey of creativity, and an attention to detail, to achieve some prestigious, timeless pieces, creating grace and elegance with eye catching and dazzling gems.

And so began Shaheen's fashion career, quickly learning about gemstones, and the visiting of skilled craftsman in the Middle East and Europe. The Spoilt UK Collection was launched creating Spoilt UK, a luxury brand where, you will find distinctive designs that are playful, yet versatile, and enhancing your life beautifully, from an of exquisitely specially selected fine range.

Spoilt UK offers a bespoke range of jewellery, designer bags and handmade and distinguished Rajasthan bedding, carefully designed with detail of the Moghul craftsmanship, with more than just a little story to tell, making each item a unique piece.

In her wedding range of bedding, Shaheen has carefully selected designer pieces which bring luxury to any daughter’s keep-sake who would love and pass on to the next in generation.